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Fighting COVID-19 together

CAMELOT makes data and know-how available license free to ensure agile supply chains during the corona crisis

Mannheim, 04/01/2020 – In order to provide agile support to their own clients and other companies in the global economy during the COVID 19 pandemic, the organizations of the CAMELOT Consulting Group have set up several think tanks to develop interdisciplinary solution strategies. Key elements of this process include the rapid sharing of results and ad hoc operational support to strengthen global supply chains, especially in system-critical sectors such as the food, pharmaceuticals and medical devices industries. 

In terms of its dynamics, the exceptional situation created by the global spread of the coronavirus is presenting all companies with unprecedented challenges and is causing considerable uncertainty. CAMELOT Consulting Group is therefore pooling its consulting and industry expertise to design agile supply networks for new, appropriate digital supply chain solutions. “Our clients now need directly decision-relevant data and practical tools for their own demand and supply planning. They need to quickly prepare all implications for their Integrated Business Planning (IBP) as well the financial and liquidity planning in a scenario-based manner, and actively adapt planning decisions,” says Dr. Josef Packowski, CEO of CAMELOT Consulting Group. Using an agile approach, CAMELOT is now enabling professionals and experts from all sectors and industries to benefit. The solutions presented here illustrate the latest results of the current activities.

COVID-19 Supply Chain Impact Analyzer

In the current dynamic crisis situation, conventional forecasting methods are of little use. What is needed are causal analyses based on machine learning that incorporate the current crisis situation into the forecast. This is where CAMELOT comes in and is providing all interested companies with a cloud solution free of charge, which combines daily updated external pandemic data with the demand data of the companies. The COVID-19 Impact Analyzer for Supply Chain Management compares the demand data of the companies with the pandemic data published by the Johns Hopkins University, analyzes them for correlation and causality and thus enables companies to gain concrete insights into the future development of demand. This enables them to make data-based decisions in their sales and operations planning and crisis meetings.

COVID-19 requirements check and joint learning

Using industry-specific online surveys, CAMELOT is currently determining how and in which areas companies are affected by the corona crisis and how they are responding to it. Here, CAMELOT is using its own industry-specific Supply Network Mapping solution to analyze cross-company supply dependencies. The results will be used to develop transparent and customized offers of help and to identify best practices from which other companies can learn.

COVID-19 – Operational hands-on emergency aid

The illness-related absences of key experts can put the entire business operations at risk. CAMELOT therefore offers affected customers temporary personnel support in logistics and supply chain management to ensure that key positions are not left vacant and normal business operations can be maintained. Our experts and system specialists are familiar with the customer-specific processes and workflows from their implementation projects and can provide seamless operational assistance.

COVID-19 – Supply chain resilience reinterpreted

In a series of webinars starting on April 2, 2020, with a presentation on “Quantitative Risk Sensing”, CAMELOT experts will explain how a paradigm shift from “what-if” to “what-when” improves supply chain risk management. Since it is impossible to avoid unforeseen circumstances, it is all the more important to anticipate their effects and implications in order to adjust the necessary operational supply chain decisions more quickly when required. With the aid of new technologies, CAMELOT is presenting a digital “playbook” for supply chain resilience. The aim is to guide companies, now and in the future, how to develop individual risk-mitigating mechanisms for supply chain management. As Dr. Iris Heckmann, Head of Supply Chain Risk Management at CAMELOT, explains: “Supply networks have been thrown off course by corona and companies are helpless in the face of this complex and intransparent situation. With robust, scenario-backed instructions, companies can get their supply networks back on track more quickly and keep them in step in future with resilient decisions.”

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