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Mastering Uncertainty: The Rise of Resilient Supply Chain Planning - Title

Mastering Uncertainty: The Rise of Resilient Supply Chain Planning

We believe, in this market report Gartner gives insights how companies should master today‘s supply chain challenges and make their supply chain more resilient.

Supply chain risk management re-enters the spotlight of managers’ attention. Is your supply chain resilient? Do you know your vulnerabilities, including the undiscovered ones? And do you know how to increase resilience, in the current crisis and beyond?

Read the market report to understand why traditional deterministic planning approaches have reached their limit

Take this opportunity to inform yourself on:

  • Why Supply Chain Resilience and Risk Management are more important than ever in today’s hyper VUCA world
  • How intelligent technologies such as AI/ML help your organization to shift from a deterministic to a resilient planning mode
  • Which mindset and new capabilities are needed in order to move successfully to the resilient planning paradigm

The question is when the next disruptive event hits supply chains and how we can prepare for it.

In today’s hyper VUCA ,global supply chains continue to grow in complexity and levels of uncertainty. While traditional deterministic planning and risk management approaches have shown significant weaknesses, advanced technology stemming from mathematics and information science has opened up new opportunities.

Companies need to shift to a new paradigm to deal with different characteristics of risks and disruptions impacting our value chains, and implement a resilient supply chain strategy. This comprises a modern risk management with deep understanding of network dependencies and vulnerabilities, as well as a resilient planning approach. This approach adaptively buffers for variability in the environment and helps operations perform in a stable manner and avoid costly firefighting.

As Gartner stated in their latest report changing your planning paradigm from deterministic to resilient is the only way to master today’s supply chain challenges and uncertainties.

Key Factors accelerating Supply Chain Resilience​

Capabilities and mindset

Change your planning paradigm from deterministic to resilient and adjust engrained ways of working

Digital twin

Create a digital supply chain twin for improved modeling and simulation of your supply chain

Advanced technologies

Leverage AI/ML and hyperscale cloud platforms to enable dynamic risk sensing and proabilistic planning

CORE model

Implement planning analytics following the CORE (configure, optimize, respond, execute) model


In times of crisis, quick and reliable detection of weaknesses in the supply chain is essential for survival. Companies without a deep understanding of the daily risk exposure in the entire network are exposed to an excessive risk in the current situation. CAMELOT brings together experienced supply chain consultants and new technologies to quickly identify hidden weak points in your supply chain and to propose mitigation measures. This gives your crisis team the power of big data to better address negative effects after a crisis.

Supply chain expert

500+ consultants with specialized expertise in supply chain optimization and planning transforming organizations, from strategy to results

Industry expertise

Deep understanding of business and supply chain requirements in our core industries life sciences, chemicals, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing

Intelligent technologies

Leveraging the technology and implementation capabilities of our own Camelot Innovative Technologies Lab as well as our Centers of Digital Innovation.

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