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Hype Cycle for Life Science Commercial Operations 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, life science companies are facing unprecedented commercialization model disruptions. This has forced them to rapidly shift their digital initiatives from planning to execution, highlighting the need for agility over completeness. We believe this Gartner Hype Cycle report offers an objective review of key technologies and trends that support and drive commercial effectiveness and, we believe, reveals which ones are a must-have for your organization’s transformation.

Find Out Which Solutions Fit Your Life Science Vision

The importance of data and analytics will continue to grow. And with it, the role it will play in the evolution of clinical care and operations in the future. However, there are further challenges for life science leaders: pressure, dynamic and uncertain regulatory hurdles, cultural barriers to change as well as new digital competitors.

To “go beyond the pill” and embrace patient centricity, we believe, you must align your IT enterprise approach and plans for emerging technologies with your company’s chosen role in an overall digital healthcare ecosystem. This Hype Cycle tracks key technologies and trends that support and drive commercial effectiveness.

Innovation Areas in the Life Science Industry

There are many emerging technologies to be applied in life science commercial operations. The following selection, based on Gartner’s research and our own expertise as a technology and industry specialist, shows what life science leaders need to look out for in the time ahead.

Selected transformational life science technologies in the next 10 years:

Data & Analytics

  • Life science business outcomes are increasingly dependent on faster-paced insights derived from the convergence of varied external and internal data analytics capabilities to drive strategic and tactical decisions.

  • Leading life science business and IT executives realize that advanced data analytics competency is essential to orchestrate personalized customer engagements with both patients and providers, participate in outcome-based care models and accelerate sales and marketing effectiveness.

Cloud Computing

  • Cloud computing remains a major force in IT as it offers faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.
  • Potential benefits are cost savings and increased flexibility due to the dynamic usage models of cloud.
  • In order to stay competitive in the market organizations need to define their cloud strategy aligning business needs with potential benefits. Cloud-based products and the development of user-specific extensions are the core of our business.
  • Various Camelot solutions, such as DDMRP for SAP IBP, and Segment & Strategize, are being developed and deployed on the SAP Cloud Platform.​ Camelot shares SAP’s vision which highlights the importance of cloud solutions in the IT landscape of the future. The SAP Cloud Platform will therefore remain an essential foundation of our innovation.​

Cell & Gene Therapy Platform

  • Cell and gene therapy (CGT) platforms are systems designed to help collect, analyze and prepare biological samples such as blood cells as therapies for patients. While only a handful of CGTs are available as therapies, R&D and supply chain organizations see significant opportunities and challenges as CGTs become more essential in life science portfolios.
  • As demand for CGT clinical trials accelerates, having a CGT platform that matches the therapy area will be essential to streamlining trials and getting commercial products to the market.
  • With Hypertrust X-Chain, our spin-off Hypertrust Patient Data Care provides a solution that makes the supply chain of Advanced & Personalized Therapies run. It enables pharmaceutical and biotech companies to set up, orchestrate, operate, and scale a frictionless supply chain while ensuring highest data security based on latest technology, decentralization, and pharmaceutical standards.

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Commercial Operations Technologies


​CAMELOT’s recognized expertise in building technology-enabled highly reliable, flexible, and patient-centric value chains is the reason why life science clients have been turning to us for more than 25 years.​ With our spin-off Hypertrust Patient Data Care, we provide dedicated digital solutions which make the supply chain of Advanced & Personalized Therapies run.

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Benefit from our proven in-depth understanding of life science business processes, which has helped us to create impact for many leading life sciences companies.

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