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Demand-Driven S&OP and IBP

Turn your Sales and Operations Planning into a real decision-making process

Real decision-making instead of firefighting

Is your S&OP mostly concerned with firefighting? Are you typically just trying to explain the past in your monthly meetings? Do you rarely discuss alternative decisions, let alone quantify their financial impact?

Configure your supply chain instead of passing around plans

Demand-Driven Sales & Operations Planning and Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is your tactical planning process. By covering both volume and value (demand, supply and financials), it helps to align your corporate strategy with the operational horizon.

By applying Demand-Driven S&OP and IBP, you will be able to:

  • Turn your monthly S&OP into a real decision-making process
  • Create different demand scenarios with promotions, tenders and other opportunities
  • Simulate the impact on your capacities
  • Develop different supply scenarios and evaluate their differences – from an operational and financial perspective.
  • Identify preferred options for your tactical planning
  • Recommend decisions to senior management and get real decisions
  • Implement those decisions – not by passing around plans, but by updating your supply chain’s configuration.


Benefit from Demand-Driven S&OP and IBP with CAMELOT

Demand-Driven S&OP and IBP will also allow you to further leverage your tactical planning by implementing a Demand-Driven Operating Model.

Ask our experts how to turn your Sales and Operations Processes into a real decision-making process.

DDS&OP implementation expertise

Camelot ITLab offers proof of concepts and full-cycle implementation for Demand-Driven S&OP as the decision-making management process. Our dedicated expert team ensures smooth and successful implementation of the solution in your landscape.

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