Temporary Operational & Project Support​

The current epidemical crisis disrupts your supply chain and logistics processes. In many companies, this results in a drastically increased demand for coordination and operational support which leaves remaining employees and leaders stuck in firefighting duties. We will guide our clients through these difficult times and ensure business continuity by providing expert resources for the temporary support in mission-critical, operational roles.

Maintaining customer and employee satisfaction

Current disruptions of supply chains increase the workload for critical roles in the process, and sickness-related absences caused by COVID-19 can put an additional strain on individuals and teams. 

  • Enormous demand increases and/or supply shortages require higher planning and execution efforts, compromising customer satisfaction and the usual service quality
  • Lockdowns and sick leaves provoke additional bottlenecks. The remaining employees strive for continued business success, while risking to become overwhelmed 
  • Administrative and tactical tasks are neglected due to employees being shifted to operations

Securing business continuity by leveraging additional expert resources

With our team of experienced professionals with backgrounds on strategic, tactical and operational levels, CAMELOT helps to secure progress of ongoing strategical / tactical projects as well as the reboot-readiness of your business. 

  • Broad internal and external partner network, which can provide tailored solutions 
  • Valuable process knowledge and company insights
  • Capture data and experiences from the current situation to enable a structured future supply chain risk management approach for the handling of upcoming crisis situations

Tailored countermeasures ensure business continuity 

Clients immediately benefit from flexible deployment possibilities of our experts and previous joint professional relationships.

  • Ensure business continuity by providing support in mission-critical positions
  • Experienced professionals with profound business application expertise
  • Company insights from previous projects and therefore fast onboarding

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