Shaping the future of Enterprise Information Management – Are you ready to look ahead?

Do you ever wonder why you still use transactions in the ERP to do your job along with printing out hard copy analog forms for internal processes? Is your work world seemingly stuck in the Stone Age compared to your private user experience of smartphones and laptops, an endless supply of apps and the potential of immersive virtual reality?

Nowadays it’s common sense that the change called digital transformation spans all areas of life. Still the question is how digital are companies really: Do they see a need to transform? What are they doing to foster their own digital transformation? Are they leveraging their full data potential to stay ahead of the competition? Are they preparing Enterprise Information Management (EIM) for the future of a digital data-driven world? Those questions are quite interesting as some companies seem to surf on the digital transformation wave, easily juggling their data to create innovative value propositions, while others are struggling to just keep their heads above the flood of data, new technologies and changing customer behavior.

In a fast-moving digital world, data is getting more and more attention and so is Enterprise Information Management. In this study we assess the impact of digital transformation on companies and the role of Enterprise Information Management in this context. With a focus on data management, we evaluate future scenarios and show how companies can leverage technology and data to overcome the challenges of digital transformation. We surveyed company executives, managers and experts in a variety of industries to ascertain the extent of their companies’ digital transformation, how they are (or are not) exploiting the tidal wave of data to improve their businesses and how their EIM practice is adapting to the new digital reality.

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