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Optimize the performance and profitability of your supply chain

Inaccurate and out-of-date need, production and procurement planning in the supply chain results in a less than optimum performance. Due to a lack of integration in corporate planning and insufficient harmonization with the financial planning, your corporate goals may be neglected, and you may fail to perform a financial evaluation of your planning.

Sales planning and production planning should be harmonized with regard to service level and the fullest possible use of resources, with the lowest possible working capital. It is essential that you look at sustainable S&OP from a margin-based perspective, especially if there is a high level of price variation and limited availability of resources.

As part of the S&OP process we integrate all of the planning steps, from business planning through to sales planning, and enhance these with the necessary financial information so as to enable a harmonized business management process. This enables all of the relevant functions throughout the supply chain to implement optimum resource allocation in real time.

Camelot offers the following S&OP services:

  • Integrated process models for agile planning harmonization in global supply chains, across all stages, with the integration of real-time profitability calculation
  • Key data models and management dashboards for managing planning, analyzing variance and supporting decisions
  • Best-practices for organizational implementation, including role profiles, meeting structures, etc.
  • Concepts and information technologies for simulating interactive scenarios and supporting tactical decisions (including optimizing networks, management and customs)
  • Harmonization of corporate planning and financial planning

Within our S&OP approach our industry experts will guide you along the path to organizational transformation, and help you develop the relevant skills.


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