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Maximum passion
First practical consulting experience
Passport full of visas
Back-catalog of qualifications
hands-on mentality

Who we are


Naturally there’s your global playground. And colleagues you’ll want to hang out with. Then there is the kind of office and equipment you’d expect. Because great people have great gadgets.

Your salary and benefits will be everything you’d expect from an industry leader. If you’re good enough to work here, we want you to stick around.

Our reach is as extensive as your prospects with us.

How do we put this?

The CAMELOT spirit is hard to pin down. But you’ll feel it. It’s all about reaching for the stars together, jointly surpassing limits and celebrating success.

Our open network means no door is closed to you. Even at board level – from the 1st day onwards. We give you all the space and encouragement you want and all the support you need.

We simply love being together. At work and outside.


We’ll take you as far as you want to go, once you’ve proved yourself to your colleagues and our clients. From on-the-job training, personal development and individual mentoring to formal qualifications and contribution to your academic growth.

We need your maximum passion: switched on, creative, innovative, challenging, inspiring – and that means being centered in what you’re doing. Getting a buzz out of every day.

Whatever you need from us to keep that happening, that’s what we’ll do for you.

What do we believe in?

We believe in empowering people individually

The people at CAMELOT are our worthiest resource. We take care of your personal development to reach the goals that you set for yourself. That means we move with you as your life changes. And it will. Therefore, we offer personal & professional mentoring programs as well as individual career paths and academic funding programs for MBA, PhD or Junior Professorship.

We believe in flat hierarchies where all colleagues are welcome to share their ideas and add their value.

The empowerment of all our employees is our key to success, therefore our colleagues will have the opportunity to take over responsibilities early and will be recognized in our organization. At the same time there is your personal parachute to give you safety when it comes to a point where all lanes are closed. We know that consulting jobs sometimes stretch you to the limit, so we try to offer flexibility in your working environment wherever possible.

What‘s in for you?

Security & Freedom
Individual career paths
Training & Onboarding
Academic funding

We believe in entrepreneurial & innovative attitude

We live innovation – from day to day in our client projects as well as in our internal innovation centers. And we give our employees room for developing new ideas following the principles of major players from the Silicon Valley. Individual innovation days are just an example of how we foster creativity. We have established dedicated innovation centers taking a deep dive into digital megatrends (e.g. IoT, Machine Learning, AI) driving today’s society and therefore us as a company. We built up knowledge swarms - multidisciplinary teams to face latest challenges.

Innovation in big business can sometimes be a great challenge. This is not the way it goes here. We promote flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes. A company where ideas can be realized and entrepreneurial attitude is rewarded. We invest in self-made products and green-field-projects that generate high returns and competitive advantage for clients.

What‘s in for you?

Agile working methods
Innovation centers
Short decision-making processes
Modern infrastructure
Personal innovation days
Rewarding entrepreneurial attitude

We believe in SEEDing CSR

Our approach of living corporate social responsibility is based on four major criteria: Society, Environment, Employment and Delivery.

Relating to Society, we are dedicated to conducting our business in a socially creditable and ethical manner. We feel commitment and appreciation to the community that supports us. That is why we donate a portion of our profits to charity (e.g. Social Team Events, Operation Christmas Child, Deckel gegen Polio and many more).

We recognize the importance to guide our business in a sustainable way, so that we can contribute positively to a better Environment for us, and future generations. Also, we are continuously striving to find new approaches for that. By now, our concepts already include organic food, paperless offices or gasoline-powered cars.

When in comes to Employment, we endeavor to create our business in an economically responsible and ethically correct form. As we know that it is our duty to contribute positively to the economy we are working in, our proceedings consist of: job creation, no "hire-and-fire" or "up-or-out" policy, various employee benefits and modern work environment.

Finally, as for Delivery, we feel obligated to initiate a conscientious way of thinking in our business. We pledge to distribute sustainable solutions such as sustainable products and services, trusted partners and efficient solutions.

What‘s in for you?

Active contribution to social commitment
Making a real impact
Long-term relationships
No "hire-and-fire"
Organic foods
Virtual teams

We believe in people culture

Consultancy is people business – therefore, knowledge exchange, communication and sharing achievements are key to success in realizing our integrated projects. CAMELOT never was and never will be a hire and fire company.

We believe that project work leads to multidisciplinary collaboration and cross-functional teambuilding. As consultant traveling is part of your business. But when you are in the office, you will be happy to be here because we believe in our office culture, where everyone knows everyone. No door is closed and no team is separated. Even though we are constantly growing, we believe in homely, familiar atmosphere and do everything to keep it that way. Therefore, we also invest in several corporate events, sports and off-time communities.

What‘s in for you?

Corporate events
Sports communities
Open doors
Team spirit
Office culture
Open network

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