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Global Community for AI in MDM – now 100 members strong

Innovation network for artificial intelligence enthusiastically welcomed by business community

Mannheim, 12/02/2019 The consulting specialist CAMELOT Management Consultants today announced that the “Global Community for Artificial Intelligence in Master Data Management (MDM)” is celebrating the admission of its 100th member. Since its foundation last year, the open innovation community has not only demonstrated very fast growth, it has also yielded numerous pilot projects.

The Global Community for AI in MDM functions in accordance with the principles of open innovation and open collaboration: it connects experts across the globe from the field of data & analytics, who are advancing AI innovations for their companies, and offers them a platform to pool and exchange their knowledge, their experience of, and approaches to the AI-driven future of enterprise information management. In design-thinking workshops, which take place in Europe and the USA, the community members develop innovative ideas together for the use of AI in master data management and review their potential. The most promising ideas are then developed into prototypes within “open sharing” communities. The participating community members share both the effort and results here, thereby minimizing the risk. CAMELOT founded the community around one and half years ago.

“The application of artificial intelligence in business practice is becoming increasingly widespread. To develop use cases and a vision for your own company in this relatively young field, it is important to think outside the box and connect with experts around the globe,” explains Henrik Baumeier, partner at CAMELOT and initiator of the community. “We are thrilled that the AI in MDM Community has grown to 100 members so quickly.”

The collaborative innovation approach accelerates the expansion of knowledge for community members and the implementation of pilot projects. In this year alone, three projects will be carried out in the area of information extraction, that is, gleaning structured data from sources such as documents or websites. At the end of the year there will be an internal meeting to share the insights gained with the other members of the community.

Data scientists, MDM-experts and AI specialists can apply to become a member of the community at www.ai-mdm.com. Alongside the community for MDM, CAMELOT also offers a Community for AI in SCM (Supply Chain Management).

Meet the AI in MDM Community on 18 March 2020 in Frankfurt

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