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Flexible supply chains protect companies from the impact of pandemics

CAMELOT study examines effective concepts in supply chain management

Mannheim, 03/12/2020 The global spread of the new coronavirus is having a huge impact on companies’ supply chains. All too often, they lack the flexibility to react quickly to unexpected events and to continue to ensure delivery capacity. According to a recent study by consulting specialist CAMELOT Management Consultants, the majority of the companies questioned see agility combined with improved delivery capacity as the biggest challenge in the management of supply chains over the next three years. For 80% of the study’s participants, the concept of integrated business planning (IBP) provides crucial leverage in achieving the necessary flexibility in global supply chains.

With integrated business planning, a company’s sales, finance and supply chain planning are coordinated and merged into one common, overarching operating plan. This leads to notably improved interdisciplinary cooperation and thus to greater agility in the global supply chains as well as shorter lead times.

“Integrated business planning helps companies to deal with events like the current corona epidemic more quickly and effectively. However, the possibilities IBP offers are not yet being fully utilized at the moment, which means businesses are missing out on important opportunities”, comments Dr. Josef Packowski, Managing Partner at CAMELOT, referring to the study’s results. More than 70% of those questioned had thus far implemented IBP only in its most basic forms. The greatest challenge in implementing integrated business planning, according to the study participants, is the interdisciplinary cooperation, which they are frequently unaccustomed to. The crucial area of finance, in particular, is currently not routinely incorporated into the IBP process in around two thirds of the companies questioned.

For its “IBP Radar 2020” study, CAMELOT surveyed specialists in the area of supply chain management and corporate planning from internationally operating firms in the chemical, pharmaceutical, consumer goods and manufacturing industries. The study is available for free download at www.camelot-mc.com.

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