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Manufacturing Industry Wastes High Sales Potential

CAMELOT survey examines supply chains in industrial manufacturing

Mannheim, 03.05.2016 In many manufacturing companies supply chain management is not aligned with the general business strategy. This is the result of the current study „ Supply chain organization in discrete manufacturing industries“ by CAMELOT.

Management Consultants. Diverging goals of supply chain management, procurement, and sales and marketing are still leading to unnecessary friction losses. A solely backward-looking performance measurement inhibits flexible adaption to fast market and customer-related changes. In consequence, customer service levels go down and market shares might be lost. The current survey provides a sound industry overview how supply chain management in discrete manufacturing industries is structured, and suggests models and design principles for a suitable supply chain organization.
Für die Studie haben die CAMELOT Management Consultants Senior Manager und Führungskräfte aus über 40 Unternehmen der Branchensegmente Automobilzuliefererindustrie, Maschinen- und Anlagenbau sowie Komponenten- und Teilefertigung via Online Fragebogen und ausführliche persönliche Interviews befragt. Dabei zeigte sich, dass Supply Chain Management für alle teilnehmenden Unternehmen ein strategisches Thema ist und zunehmend im Fokus des Top Managements steht. „Ein wichtiger Grund dafür sind die auch in den Interviews häufig genannten aktuellen Herausforderungen Industrie 4.0, digitale Transformation der Arbeitswelt und die damit einhergehende Anpassung bestehender Organisationsstrukturen. An konkreten Transformationskonzepten oder gar Umsetzungsansätzen hapert es jedoch in den meisten Fällen“, kommentiert Patrick Wolf, Co-Autor der Studie und SCM-Experte bei CAMELOT Management Consultants, die Ergebnisse.

The study was conducted among senior managers and executives of over 40 companies from the industry segments automotive suppliers, machinery and equipment as well as parts and components via online survey and deep-dive personal interviews. The results show that supply chain management is a strategic topic for all participating companies and increasingly in the focus of top management. „An important reason for this are the current challenges Internet of Things, digital transformation of the working world and the corresponding adaption of existing organization structures, which have been mentioned frequently in the deep-dive interviews. However, specific transformation concepts or even implementation approaches are still missing“, says Patrick Wolf, co-author of the study and SCM expert at CAMELOT Management Consultants.
According to the study results, discrete manufacturing companies have a differing and often poor understanding of what an integrated end-to-end supply chain management implies and what additional benefits it provides. “This finding is not surprising considering the many cross-functional and cross-organizational conflicts of interests and collaboration barriers “, says Volker Roelofsen, co-author of the study and manufacturing expert at CAMELOT. According to Roelofsen, digitization and interconnection in the supply chains affect these organizational barriers like an accelerated erosion. Firms that do not support their supply chain strategies through adequate organization models, run the risk of customer and sales losses. If, for example, supply chain strategy prioritizes service leadership and this is not supported by organizational structure and role definitions, customers are not served optimally and might change to the competition.
The study provides manufacturing companies willing to reshape their supply chain management with a framework helping them to evolve their supply chain organization and prepare it for the digital transformation of the working world. The complete study is available for free per order on


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