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Enterprise 4.0: Agility Is Key

Current CAMELOT study provides answers on business models and organizational structures of the future

Mannheim, March 7th, 2017 – Digital trends like big data, virtual ways of collaborating with external partners, automation of operational processes and self-learning systems make it necessary for organizations to completely reshape existing business models and organizational structures. According to a current study by the consulting specialist CAMELOT Management Consultants, many companies do not feel they are sufficiently prepared for this. But those who do not assume a pioneering role where digitization is concerned risk losing their existing market positions to competitors with organizational and decision-making structures that can react more quickly. Managers therefore see agile company structures that are capable of adjustment as being critical to success. In the future, not only manual but also cognitive planning tasks will be outsourced increasingly. 70% of those surveyed are of the opinion that project-oriented structures are becoming more and more important in everyday business life.

For the study “Mastering Digital Transformation,” CAMELOT Management Consultants surveyed over 130 top managers at the largest companies from the consumer goods, pharmaceutical, chemical, automobile, and manufacturing sectors. Joachim Getto, author of the study and Associate Partner at CAMELOT, says: “Organizations that are digitally oriented recognize patterns indicating a change in consumer behavior earlier and can adjust not only services and products but also their purchasing and delivery practices to that behavior more quickly. Not just the managers make cognitive decisions, which often results in delay. The processes themselves decide. Managers mainly monitor.”

Rethinking business models and processes

Digitalization accelerates business processes and causes changes in customer behavior that companies must react to quickly. That is why many of the decision-makers surveyed in the study see agile and adjustable structures as being very important. “The digital enterprise of the future is, in essence, a flexible collaboration model of a wide range of market participants with a consistent customer orientation. The basic prerequisite for this is agility in business processes, organization, and IT architecture,” says Dr. Josef Packowski, CEO of the CAMELOT Group. The results of the study underscore this statement: Efficient collaboration both within the company and with external partners is a key to success for the clear majority of the study participants. The same is true for flexible models for business relationships.

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