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Digital Logistics for the Companies of Tomorrow

CAMELOT shows trendsetting concepts at the International Supply Chain Conference 2018

Mannheim, 10/17/2018 CAMELOT Management Consultants, the consulting specialist and innovation leader, presents strategies and concepts for digital logistics of the future at this year’s annual conference of the German Logistics Association (BVL). One highlight is “Next Level Supply Chain Visibility,” a solutions approach with which companies can achieve a new level of transparency within their logistics chain. The logistics experts from CAMELOT are available to conference visitors for discussions from October 17th to 19th at booth P/23.

“Digitalization Meets Reality” is the industry conference’s motto this year. Here, CAMELOT is thinking one step ahead: “The digital transformation calls for concepts that do justice not only to the complexity of today’s business world, but also prepare for the challenges of tomorrow in a way that is future-proof and holistic. This is the only way that logistics can be a driving force for new customer benefits and sustainable competitive advantages,” comments Dr. Josef Packowski, Managing Partner at CAMELOT.

CAMELOT’s consulting services range from strategy development and network design, right up to the optimization of transport and storage processes. To achieve seamless meshing of processes and technologies in terms of Logistics 4.0, the IT services of our affiliate Camelot Innovative Technologies Lab (Camelot ITLab) provide accompaniment right up to implementation.

As an example of how this end-to-end approach can be applied, CAMELOT will present “Next Level Supply Chain Visibility” at the international supply chain conference – a bundle of consulting and technology services for increased transparency in logistics processes. Here, innovations related to blockchain, artificial intelligence and IoT are employed with which companies can today already optimize their processes in the supply chain. That way, logistics processes are made to an effective competitive edge, completely in tune with the extended conference motto: Digitalization Meets Reality Meets Digitalization.

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