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Camelot to partner with French supply chain organization Fapics

Camelot MC affiliate Camelot ITLab brings expertise and SAP-based solutions to enable the Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise to France

Mannheim, Paris, 10/12/2017 – French supply chain organization Fapics and Camelot MC affiliate Camelot Innovative Technologies Lab (Camelot ITLab) announced their partnership today. The aim of the partnership is to further the concepts of the Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) in the French market. Camelot ITLab brings its conceptual Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise expertise (DDAE) and extensive real world implementation proficiency with its own SAP-based software solutions. The Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise method is a management and operational model designed to enable enterprises to sense market changes and adapt to complex and volatile environments, and is quickly establishing itself as the new standard in many companies.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Camelot ITLab, which has unique expertise in the implementation of DDAE components in SAP software. There is considerable interest in SAP-based DDAE solutions in France,” comments Caroline Mondon, Managing Director of Fapics. Fapics is a French supply chain management (SCM) organization, which since 1991 has dedicated itself to best practices, innovative methods, and training in supply chain management in France. Fapics was the European leader in bringing the concepts of the Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise to France in 2010. Today the Fapics network is more than 50 certified consultants and 15 DDI qualified instructors, who experimented implementations in dozens of companies of all size and industries, as presented during the Fapics conference with special guest Demand Driven World in Lyon last July.

“The French market has a lot of potential for innovative supply chain management issues, and in Fapics we have found an eminent partner who is equally enthusiastic about demand-driven methods,” explains Dr. Josef Packowski, CEO of Camelot Consulting Group.

The Camelot Group is among the worldwide consulting leaders and pioneers for the enablement of the Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise. As a global affiliate of both the Demand Driven Institute (DDI), the global authority for “Demand-Driven” education, training and compliance, as well as SAP SE, Camelot offers a unique, comprehensive service portfolio for DDAE, from strategy development to the implementation of the necessary SAP software tools. Among the newest Camelot innovations for Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise is the SAP software-based solution Demand-Driven MRP for SAP® Integrated Business Planning. This allows DDAE concepts to be implemented in SAP® Integrated Business Planning, the new cloud solution for real-time supply chain planning in a DDI compliant software solution

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