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CAMELOT is strengthening its digital solution competence in the field of data-driven transformation management

Successful takeover of the technology start-up PulseShift

Mannheim, 10/10/2019 CAMELOT Consulting Group, consulting specialist for integrated value chain management, announced its takeover of the start-up PulseShift today. PulseShift offers cutting-edge digital solutions for data-driven management of change and transformation processes in organizations. In the future, CAMELOT’s clients will benefit from an even more comprehensive solution competence and considerably improved success in complex transformation projects.

Starting immediately, the products and services from PulseShift will form part of CAMELOT’s consulting services in the Business Transformation & Organization division. “We have expanded our consulting portfolio in a client-oriented manner by adding PulseShift’s intelligent solutions for data-driven transformation management. Starting today, we will be offering our clients a unique solution approach tailored to the requirements of the 21st century so they can proactively and successfully manage change in their companies,” says Jorma Gall, managing partner at CAMELOT, concerning the strategic decision in favor of the takeover.

Using data analytics and AI to manage change

CAMELOT’s service portfolio in the Business Transformation & Organization division follows the vision “Focus on the people and predictability as the cornerstones of every transformation process along a company’s value chain.” PulseShift’s data-driven methodology makes an important contribution to the implementation of this vision. The centerpiece of PulseShift’s solution, which was developed specifically for complex change programs, is a digital feedback dialog with all parties involved in the transformation project that is supported by machine learning. PulseShift’s AI engine automatically analyzes the feedback not only to enable better decision making but also to provide communication measures to the different target groups within an organization directly and intelligently. The cloud-based solution improves the engagement and the experience of the employees involved and helps managers by providing a solid data basis during change measure planning and structuring. “For the first time, change managers are able to address communication toward information needs that have actually been identified and track the success of individual measures based on data,” says Martin Müller, managing director at PulseShift, in summarizing the special feature of PulseShift’s solution.

PulseShift’s products and services will continue to be developed in a client-oriented manner by CAMELOT Group. PulseShift’s existing clients and partners will benefit from the additional services offered by CAMELOT.

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