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Camelot Digital EXPERIENCE² accelerates the digital ROI

New CAMELOT consulting services enables a “touch & zoom” experience for digital transformation

Mannheim, 2 August, 2017 – The consulting specialist CAMELOT Management Consultants today announced its new service portfolio for digital transformation: Camelot Digital EXPERIENCE2. Focus will be placed on faster digital value generation (“digital ROI”) for innovative client applications that can be individually experienced. The new service portfolio of CAMELOT will make it easier for companies to find the most suitable “value-adding” combination of applications from the multitude of digital use cases available today, in order to enable them to push ahead more quickly with their digital transformations.

Camelot Digital EXPERIENCE2 combines management consulting methods favoring innovation with a “digital workbench.” This refers to easily configurable software modules and templates based on new technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital voice, IoT connectivity and cloud technology with which companies can develop and validate specific, innovative applications as a prototype. Agile, fast development methods provide specific results as proof of digital ROI in less than four weeks – which equates to an absolutely unique client offer in relation to scope and speed.

“Companies are not short of digital consulting concepts nowadays in the form of PowerPoint slides, which often reiterate well-known models from pioneers like Amazon or are full of marketing promises. However, for an individual digital transformation, companies need “digital twins” of their own value chain stages in an interplay with digital value chain management. Camelot Digital EXPERIENCE2 provides exactly that”, says Dr. Josef Packowski, Managing Partner at CAMELOT, concerning the motivation behind the offer.

Camelot Digital EXPERIENCE2 includes a clearly defined, 3-phase process: During the first phase, “Ideate and Innovate”, ideas for innovative digital use cases are developed together with the client with the help of Design Thinking methods. In phase two, “Compose and Construct”, Camelot Group’s own Centers of Digital Innovation develop specific applications using the Digital Workbench. This usually involves a combination of multiple new and innovative digital technologies such as Blockchain, IoT and AI. The latest example of such a “client experience” is the sensor-guided track & trace application for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Modern, agile methods that enable application development in short sprints are used during this phase. Phase three, “Discover and Drive”, includes the “Touch & Zoom” experience and validation of the application and its value proposition for the customer. Following this, an initial action plan for the client-specific realization is drafted

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