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CAMELOT confirmed as a market leader in Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management

Analyst firm ALM recognizes CAMELOT as a best in class provider for supply chain strategy and execution consulting

Mannheim, 03/28/2019 In its latest research report on supply chain planning consulting, US-based analyst firm ALM rates CAMELOT Management Consultants a ‘Vanguard Leader’ – the highest category to be awarded to a consultancy by ALM. The analysts particularly highlighted CAMELOT’s market leading role in the global movement towards autonomous, Demand-Driven supply chains as well as its Supply Chain Organization Framework, which helps achieve competitive supply chains in today’s volatile and complex markets.

“With market leading process and IT expertise, CAMELOT puts forward a comprehensive transformation approach that addresses both the people and system assets needed to realize Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management”, comments Naima Hoque, Senior Research Analyst at ALM, on CAMELOT’s capabilities in this field. Underlining this, CAMELOT’s affiliate Camelot ITLab just recently formed a joint initiative with SAP to co-develop Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) within SAP Integrated Business Planning. DDMRP is the “heart” of Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management.

Best in class provider

According to ALM, CAMELOT is a best in class provider in supply chain strategy and execution consulting. “CAMELOT’s Supply Chain Planning Framework encompasses many well-tested, field-proven approaches which help clients build competitive supply chains”, says Naima Hoque. They include several innovative and modular planning approaches and solutions aimed at improving both broad process harmonization and integration as well as more granular forecasting, parameter and incentive setting activities that comprise supply chain planning.

Regarding CAMELOT’s strategy execution capabilities, Naima Hoque comments: “CAMELOT stands out for the way in which it conceives of planning as the link between supply chain strategy and operational execution. Instead of producing to forecasts, Camelot helps design the governance structure and performance management systems that allow the organization to manage demand variability through dynamic targeting of inventory levels and manufacturing capacity”.

The ALM Vanguard assesses a consulting provider’s relative ability to create additional value for its clients. It includes an examination of the depth and breadth of the consulting capabilities. The best performing firms in this regard receive the highest appraisal of ‘Vanguard Leader’. The 2019 ALM Vanguard Leaders in supply chain planning consulting include, besides CAMELOT, McKinsey, Boston Consulting, EY and PwC.

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