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Best Consultant 2019: CAMELOT again scores with exceptional customer satisfaction

The consulting specialist sees itself as well-equipped for the cultural change in consulting

Mannheim, 04/30/2019 – For the sixth time in a row, CAMELOT Management Consultants were awarded the title of “Best Consultants” in Germany by the business magazine brand eins and statista – what’s more, in several categories: Chemicals/Pharmaceutical Industry, Machine and Plant Engineering, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management as well as Operations Management. Top marks from customers as well as numerous recommendations from other consulting companies were crucial for the award. The consulting specialist believes it is well equipped for the cultural change in consulting led by generations Y and Z.

As the business magazine brand eins describes in its current special issue regarding “consulting”, the consulting sector is going through a change. This is shown above all in the far-reaching digital skills which customers demand and which go well beyond the classic technical competence from the point of view of information technology (IT). “For digital innovation, the introduction of digital processes and the transformation towards new business models, it is necessary for specialist knowledge to be built up in the company in conjunction with the technical skills and digital drivers such as data analytics, artificial intelligence and blockchain and to make it implementable in projects for the purposes of innovation,” says Dr. Josef Packowski, Managing Partner at CAMELOT, explaining the new requirements in consulting.

Strategies for success in the war of talents

As brand eins writes, personnel recruitment for consultancy firms is harder than ever before. “The war of talents has massively intensified,” confirms Packowski. “Representatives of the new Instagram Swipe generation mainly look for exciting tasks in sustainable company cultures with a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit.”

With its digital innovation centers for the development of digital products and services, the introduction of disruptive business processes and digital business models for renowned client companies as well as a flexible working environment and volunteer opportunities, CAMELOT sees itself as well equipped to compete for highly-qualified talent. “As a niche consultancy, employees find what they often miss out on at many other companies: close personal supervision, especially during the highly important introduction into consulting, as well as the chance to play a part, to grow as a person and to get things moving – up to founding their own start-up. In addition to this, there are flexible opportunities to realize activities which are close to one’s heart, such as taking part in a social sabbatical for an aid project in a developing country,” says Markus Lackermann, Head of Recruiting and HR Marketing at CAMELOT, describing the working environment in his company.

The study by brand eins and statista is the most comprehensive survey on consulting in Germany. More than 1,700 partners from consultancies and around 1,500 executives in small, medium and large companies made their recommendations for the best consultancies. Based on the assessments of both groups, leaderboards were created for 16 industries and 18 work areas.

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