Next Level Production Planning

Increasing volatility and uncertainty on the demand side and complexity in global value chains are driving traditional planning methods to their limits. Is your production planning ready for this?

CAMELOT’s experts support you in defining sustainable, next-generation production planning processes and implementing them in innovative solutions – with measurable results and tangible benefits.


Christian Kroschl
Christian Kroschl
  • Supply Chain Health Check
  • End-to-End Planning
  • Production Leveling
  • Planning Excellence Framework

Supply Chain Health Check

Your challenge
Lack of visibility on root causes A negative impact is noticeable and manifested in KPI performance, but there is neither visibility on root cause nor a clear diagnose process.
Continuous short-term firefighting Constant short-term changes are resulting in the need for continuous firefighting and short-term expediting.
Dropping service levels Short-term changes and firefighting activities lead to significantly dropping service levels.
Our approach
Review of supply chain processes and organization Our consultants review your supply chain processes and organization to help you understand and identify the weak spots.
Advanced parameter and data analysis Data quality and the parameters used are your main lever of supply chain performance. We run advanced analytics to identify improvement potentials.
Performance evaluation and improvement roadmap We evaluate your performance, identify weak spots and develop a clear vision for the future as well as a tailored roadmap.
Your benefits
Deep supply chain performance insights The Supply Chain Health Check delivers deep insights into your supply chain’s performance and helps you identify improvement areas and measures.
Improved supply chain performance Based on the performance evaluation and roadmap, clear measurements lead to an increase potential in performance.
Lower plan-to-actual deviations A smoothened supply chain leads to lower plan-to-actual deviations, which means your planned results are actually achieved.

End-to-End Planning

Your challenge
High variability & uncertainty in supply chain Demand variability is passed on from one node to another along the supply chain, causing high inventory buffers and a bullwhip effect.
Unreached sales targets Sales target are negatively affected by stock-outs and revenue losses due to synchronization issues within the supply chain.
Local & functional silos Local and functional focus creates frictional losses and prevents that synergies are utilized to improve overall performance instead of improving single nodes.
Our approach
Innovative E2E planning concepts We provide a toolbox of innovative planning concepts & philosophies to establish E2E planning within your organization.
E2E organization & operating model We help you transform your supply chain into an integrated supply chain operating model by establishing a global perspective through clearly defined roles and processes.
Digital capabilities & technology platforms We provide strong IT expertise & solutions for integrated planning platforms which offer innovation and differentiation to close the white spots of standard planning technologies.
Your benefits
Achieve sales targets The integrated planning operating model allows to synchronize your supply chain and optimize restricted capacities to create additional sales opportunities.
Reduced inventory holding Reduced variability and uncertainty along the supply chain allows to optimize & align inventory buffers & positions.
Control tower Internal governance functions sustain the E2E philosophy and enable global control of planning parameters to improve supply chain performance end-to-end.

Production Leveling

Your challenge
Unstable capacity utilization Forecast errors, unreliable demand and supply signals, poor component availability and missing tactical planning lead to unstable capacity situations.
Long lead times High variability, uncertainty and missing transparency of issues cause planning inefficiencies and increase lead times.
High manual effort & firefighting Production planning is highly manual with insufficient and heterogenous system support and a high degree of firefighting activities.
Our approach
State-of-the-art planning concepts We are a thought leader for innovative planning concepts to manage increasing variability and create feasible production plans, e.g. through DDMRP & LEAN Planning.
Game-changing planning solutions We provide a toolbox of IT solutions which close white spots of standard planning systems and allow to implement innovative planning concepts within your system landscape (Camelot LEAN Planning Suite).
Agile & robust process design We support you in establishing agile & robust planning processes based on our +20 years of experience in designing but also implementing global planning processes.
Your benefits
Reliable, robust & feasible production plans Achieve exceptional noise reduction and manage the bullwhip effect by introducing Demand-Driven and cyclic production planning concepts.
Increase capacity utilization Free up capacity to increase your sales potential and stability of your production plans by managing & reducing non-value-adding activities on your lines, e.g. via changeover optimization.
Tactical control by system intelligence Reduce manual effort by applying intelligent planning automatism and benefit from tactical parameterization to control and govern your planning results.

Planning Excellence Framework

Your challenge
Perfect plan After investing uncountable hours in creating the "perfect" plan, planners spend even more time on firefighting activities trying to adapt their plan to the current situation.
Decentralized operations & silo optimization Decentralized operations with highly localized processes make it very difficult to have standards and gain E2E visibility. Silo optimization increases complexity and noise in the supply chain.
Conflicting KPIs Conflicting KPIs within the organization are cannibalizing improvement initiatives and prevent that improvement potentials can be translated into real benefits.
Our approach
End-to-end integration We focus on the process and IT integration of all relevant functions of your organization (e.g. purchasing, QA/QC, customer service, logistics, etc.)
KPI-driven decisions With our CAMELOT analytics tools, we are able to focus our efforts and base our decisions on actual historical data.
Sustainable process and tailored consulting We use our industry expertise to establish a sustainable process which is feasible for your organization. CAMELOT provides consulting solutions for known industry problems such as multi-stage capacity levelling, QA/QC planning, etc.
Your benefits
Proven value We make sure your investment in new processes and/or technology delivers the expected ROI by allowing you to generate a plan which can be executed as planned.
Process synchronization Having the right KPIs and governance allows you to synchronize processes across organizations and make your supply more flexible towards unknown factors.
Reduced firefighting Firefighting activities are reduced by implementing the right processes and metrics.

How Camelot can help

End-to-end consulting from process analysis to process design to realization

State-of-the-art planning concepts & solutions with immediate benefits for your organization

Thought leadership for innovative supply chain topics and industry trends to take your planning to the next level

Best-practices from over 20 years of consulting experience with 190+ projects in supply chain planning

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