The blockchain technology is currently emerging from the shadows of the digital currency bitcoin, where its main purpose is to ensure a secure money transfer without the need for third parties such as banks. The use of blockchain is becoming increasingly interesting for applications beyond the financial sector, especially along the value chain where data security and transparency are vital.

In this blockchain special, we will share current developments and latest insights.

Blockchain revolutionizes value chains

How the innovation driver blockchain is shaping future business models

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Blockchain use cases

Explore real-life blockchain use cases

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Blockchain and smart contracts in procurement

How to use blockchain technology for procurement processes

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Does my company need blockchain?

Identify and evaluate individual use cases with the Camelot Hypertrust Platform

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Blockchain in Supply Chain Management

Frequently asked questions and their answers regarding the use of blockchain in SCM

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Security of private data in the blockchain

How supplementary services for blockchain ensure data security

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CAMELOT Consulting Group introduces new patient-centered blockchain application for pharma and healthcare.

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