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Connected supply chain
Find out how to build an end-to-end digital supply chain operating model in our latest case study. Read more
@ThinkLinkers - AI MDM - Embracing the future. A Chat with Henrik Baumeier from CAMELOT Management Consultants #ThinkInnovation #ThinkData #MDMThinkLab Read article
Featured Topic: Blockchain
Explore CAMELOT‘s latest insights on the topic of blockchain: Read more
Stationary retailing – dead or alive?
Find out how game-changing digital technologies will boost stationary retailing business. Read more
CPO Agenda 2018
Why 2018 will be a year for procurement organizations to watch out. Read more
Chemical parks in Europe and China
Chemical parks will become even more important as locations for chemical plants in China. How and why did chemical parks come into being in Europe and, later, in China? What can the Chinese chemical industry learn from the European experience? In addition to discussing these topics, we aim to outline potential ways of cooperation between chemical park operators in the two regions. This article by Dr. Yorck Dietrich, CAMELOT Management Consultants, illustrates similarities, differences, and learnings. Read more
How much digitalization does the chemical industry need?
In a time of digital transition, this is a critical question for the success of the industry and one which Joachim Getto, Associate Partner for Business Models and Logistics Digitalization at CAMELOT Management Consultants AG, justified at Forum Chemielogistik 2017. Read more
How does Demand-Driven MRP work?
Blockchain and smart contracts: What’s in for procurement organizations?
Blockchain is an evolving technology which has the potential to revolutionize future procurement organization and processes. Find out how in this study. Go to study
MDM for CGP companies
How do consumer packaged goods companies prepare for the digital future? Find out how leading companies are advancing with master data. Read more
Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management
Today the vast majority of supply chains are being managed using a wholly ineffective process through very expensive Enterprise Requirements Planning / Materials Requirements Planning or Advanced Planning software systems. How can Demand-Driven SCM boost your performance?
Controlling Transformation
Top Trends in Pharma Supply Chains
Insights into Demand Driven Adaptive Supply Chain Management
Global Data Synchronization
Leading companies consider global data synchronization and collaboration a business priority. Find out how GS1/GDSN impacts your organization and its role in the entire supply chain. Read more
Pharmaceutical Logistics: The African Journey
Africa is one of the most promising pharmerging markets. For a recent project, pharma supply-chain experts from CAMELOT Management Consultants visited more than a dozen countries in Africa to gain a detailed picture of current pharma distribution capabilities for 2-degree to 8-degree Celsius distribution. Their conclusion: Now is the time for pharma companies to reshape their African footprint and thus prepare themselves to secure future growth opportunities. Read article
Empowering service organizations
Discover the value contribution of a powerful aftersales organization and an effective distribution network in manufacturing industries.
Read more
Blockchain in Healthcare
Blockchain is the revolutionary concept and technology to assure security, trust and transparency for information, which is exchanged across the healthcare ecosystem. Find out how to revolutionize healthcare information management with Blockchain technology and discover selected use cases. Read more
Digitalization in the Life Sciences Industry
Are segmented supply chains the model of the future
How to achieve a Best-in-Class Supply Chain organization
Mastering the challenges of IDMP
IDMP is as much about organizational changes (e.g. new responsibilities and data governance required) as it is about IT and data requirements. CAMELOT has recognized IDMP as an organizational challenge. We help our clients to tackle the change management and governance aspects of IDMP. Learn how to tackle the challenges
Chemical industry trend survey
Supply chains in the chemical industry in Germany are becoming increasingly international and connected. Which political and economic trends are impacting them? This topic was the focal point of the current CHEMonitor trend survey.
Find out more
Digital transformation you can touch
To bridge the gap between people and the various forms of available data, our new colleague Pepper embodies artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with humanoid robotics.
Find out more
Discover the concept
Chemicals: How to profit from digital transformation
The use and adoption of digital technologies has increased significantly in the last 12 months. Yet, there are still a lot of chemical companies that do not have a clear strategy on how to leverage the significant business benefits provided by the rapidly arising new technologies. Learn in this thought paper how to get on the road to digitalization!
Read more
End-to-end GDPR compliance with Camelot
The new EU data protection regulation implicates compliance efforts for every organization worldwide handling personal data of individuals residing in the EU. Learn how serious the topic is for your organization.
Read more
Mastering Digital Transformation
From the cloud to 3D printing
Even if digitalization is one of the big keywords of today’s economy, the topic is anything but new. Information technology has played a crucial role for a long time, especially in logistics with its complex processes, time-critical deliveries and globally active partner networks. How is digitalization changing chemical and pharmaceutical logistics?
Find out
Are you prepared for digital disruption?
Digitalization is no longer an option. It is a necessity for companies that want to remain competitive. Find out how to navigate the challenges of digital transformation.  
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The Path to an Agile Supply Chain
Supply chain digitalization is decisive for increasing the agility and efficiency of complex supply chains and generating a competitive advantage. Increased transparency and integration are the basis for next-generation planning and management concepts.  
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Integrated Business Planning (IBP)
The CAMELOT approach for Integrated Business Planning (IBP) aligns operational plans with strategic and financial planning. It incorporates best-practice processes, methodologies, and IT system support.
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Paradigm shift in Supply Chain Management
Increasing volatility and uncertainty on the demand side and complexity in global value chains – this is the new norm for businesses. Demand Driven LEAN Supply Chain Management is an innovative planning concept that CAMELOT has developed together with leading research institutes and industrial businesses in response to these challenges.
Blockchain SCM
Blockchain is not just the technology behind the digital payment system “bitcoin”. It might be the new game changer for supply chain management. For supply chain management, blockchain has tremendous potential: A product’s origin and touchpoints could be tracked gaplessly across the entire supply chain.
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MDM in the context of Digital Transformation
Master data management (MDM) gains new relevance in the context of digital transformation. Customer expectations towards digitalized and mobile business transactions, digitalized products and services as well as an increasing global integration of supply chain partners require new data and information models. Read in this article published in ERP Management, which relevance do master data have within the context of digital transformation, which current trends observed in master data management are a consequence of digitalization, and which role organization and IT play.
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