How responsive, flexible and agile is your value chain?

CAMELOT helps CPG companies to find and implement the right answers to the challenges of an increasingly complex and volatile market environement – for sustainable profitability and growth.

CPG companies are operating in many diverse markets with heterogeneous conditions, characteristics and dynamics. Competition is more intense than ever, and consumers and customers are much more demanding and unpredictable than they used to be.

Agile response to market conditions

Innovations, enlarged product portfolios and short product life cycles are additionally boosting business complexity. As a result, companies are facing a dramatically increased variability and volatility in demand and supply.

Competitive differentiation

CAMELOT’s experienced industry experts help CPG companies to achieve a real competitive differentiation by successfully tackling and navigating through today´s dynamic, volatile and complex business environment.


Peter Harder
Peter Harder

Topics we particularly address:

  • Demand-Driven supply chain management
  • Digital EXPERIENCE2: individual use cases of technology megatrends
  • Operational responsiveness, agility and flexibility
  • Integrated business planning & execution
  • Advanced supply chain analytics
  • Network and logistics optimization
  • Master Data Management & Governance

Selected industry references:

“CPG companies who want to become agile and flexible need to be Demand-Driven. With the innovative Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management concept, we at CAMELOT provide the key to getting ahead of competition and achieving impressive results.”
Peter Harder, Partner CPG