Competitive edge through innovations and value chain excellence

The global chemical industry is experiencing a tumultuous period of change in which business assumptions and strategies are subject to any number of uncertainties and ambiguities: New markets are emerging, value chains are shifting East and West, new chemical clusters are arising.

Respond to market conditions

Businesses in mature markets are facing unfavorable market conditions. New competitors are entering markets while the global playing field is becoming increasingly uneven and demand shifts rapidly. Digitization puts into question traditional business models.

Holistic approach

All these trends bring both opportunities and challenges in the short-term as well as in the long-term. Our experienced industry experts help chemicals companies to successfully adapt to the new normal: volatility, uncertainty and complexity.


Dr. Yorck Dietrich
Dr. Yorck Dietrich
Associate Partner

3D Printing

Find out how 3D printing will affect business models in the chemicals industry.

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      Topics we particularly address:

  • Market penetration and margin management
  • Business transformation and reorganization
  • Digitization of value chains
  • Process efficiency and cost reduction
  • Operations excellence
  • Site strategy & chemical industry services


Selected industry references:

“Chemicals markets and clusters are changing rapidly due to new feedstock sources and global demand shifts. Innovative business models, agile value chains and digitization will drive competitive advantage.”
Dr. Yorck Dietrich, Associate Partner Chemicals

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