Webinar: Resilience Planning in the Hyper VUCA World

Resilient Supply Chain Planning: Adapting the Demand-Driven Operating Model with Advanced Planning Paradigms including Machine Learning and AI

Increasing supply chain volatility (e.g. product differentiation or integrated markets) and the occurrence of unexpected developments (e.g. supplier glitches or volcanic eruptions) are subsumed under the notion of VUCA and increasingly aggravate the planning of modern supply chains leading to the rise of Hyper VUCA World.

Following a resilient strategy makes Supply Chains more flexible and robust to major deviations. But: In the demanding Hyper VUCA World it becomes increasingly difficult for enterprises to find the resilient sweet spot between performance and variability.

This webinar focuses on challenges and strategies for Supply Chain Resilience in the Hyper VUCA World:

  • The Demand-Driven Operating Model and its impact on Supply Chain Planning
  • Next Level Resilience: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Concepts, backgrounds, solutions

Join us on 25 September from 5:00 to 6:00 PM and take the opportunity to exchange ideas with SCM Leader Josef Packowski, CEO of the CAMELOT Consulting Group.

This event is held in English and free of charge.

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