Webinar: How to Improve Supply Chain Resilience – Part II, 5 May 2020

Focus Topic: Using the Power of Data Science for Crisis Response

Continuing our webinar series on Supply Chain Resilience, we now take a look at crisis response and would like to invite you to listen in to a “Dialogue with a Data Scientist”. Join us for the free webinar Using the Power of Data Science for Crisis Response on Tuesday, May 5, 2020, 3 pm – 3:45 pm (CEST).

Our Dialogue will feature the following aspects and topics:

  • Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on demand across your portfolio
  • The end of linear forecasting – informing forecasting with external (pandemic) data
  • Building a new understanding of demand-driving interdependencies and causalities
  • How to integrate data science in your team – and get better decisions during the crisis and be concluded with Questions & Answers.

This webinar is part of CAMELOT‘s webinar series on Supply Chain Resilience. The series leverages CAMELOT’s holistic approach to Supply Chain Resilience and focuses on the following building blocks:

  • Quantitative Risk Sensing
  • Design for Robustness
  • Resilient Planning
  • Effective Crisis Management
  • Agile Supply Chain Reboot after Crisis

Benefit from first-hand insights and best practices of our experts and take your supply chain to the next level of resilience.

We look forward to having you with us.

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