19th Handelsblatt Annual Conference Chemistry, Frankfurt, 24-25 Apr 2018

The 19th Handelsblatt Annual Conference Chemistry 2017 takes place at the InterContinental hotel in Düsseldorf. Find out how Europe’s economic and industrial politics react to changing global conditions, how to best use innovation potentials, and discover some exciting new business ideas from start-ups.

The German chemical industry is on a growth course. What are the current and future driving forces behind this growth?
Read our latest Chemical Industry Trend Survey CHEMonitor No. 29 on the topic of growth and structural change.

Additive ManufacturingDisruption of business models and value chains?

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Dr. Sven MandewirthPartner
CAMELOT Management Consultants

April, 24th 2018

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Results of the CAMELOT study with 220 participants
  • Co-Creation as growth drivers
  • From material supplier to data manager
  • Additive manufacturing requires new organizational structures

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