A quantum leap in supply chain and financial performance

Demand-Driven and Customer-Centric Operating Model

In the fight to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, the Demand-Driven and Customer-Centric Operating Model is a game-changer.
Early adopters among Fortune 500 companies are working with this concept and benefiting from the results. As you read this.

Why a paradigm shift in Supply Chain Management is necessary to become truly demand driven.


Want a sneak preview…?

Flexible and agile operations transformation projects we have run have helped achieve competitive
advantage, improved ROCE, reduced working capital and costs through:


Service levels consistently in excess of


Up to


reduction in inventory

Up to


shorter lead times

Costs cut by


Talk is cheap. Results are priceless.

If you had told us a year ago that a step-change of this scale was achievable in operations,
we would have reacted like you did when you read the headline.
Today, however, we’re sitting on a pile of verifiable results, and sector-specific insights that prove… well…maybe

…we should talk

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Ankur Bhandari
Ankur Bhandari
Partner Operations UK and Nordics