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Supply Chain Management

Effective, end-to-end supply chain management is a decisive strategic factor achieving a competitive advantage. In order to ensure that customers’ needs are met, inventories, response and delivery times, lead times, supply reliability and costs must all be coordinated and balanced.

Successful supply chain management is an integrated discipline that smoothly synergizes highly streamlined value chains, takes risks into account and provides an outstanding service level.

In order to help you on your path to supply chain management excellence, CAMELOT offers concepts, methods and solutions that prepare your supply chain management organization for future developments and sustainable improvement. Our consultancy services and project results in supply chain management have been widely acclaimed by both customers and analysts for their excellent quality and innovation.








Patrick Wolf

Demand-Driven SCM

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Next-generation SCM IT solutions

Camelot ITLab’s SAP-based supply chain management solutions enable you to accelerate and streamline your supply chain.

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