Staying competitive in turbulent markets

Creating value for the business

To master today’s markets’ increasing complexity and volatility and stand out from competition, businesses have to continually re-evaluate their strategies, business models, and value chains.

Our strategy & business model innovation approach not just focuses on the efficiency improvement of existing processes and structures, but also on consciously challenging the current business model of our clients.

We help you find answers to key strategic questions along your company’s entire value chain such as:

  • Strategic design: How can you ensure continued profitable growth for the future? How to design your value chain and global supply network? How to segment your value chain reflecting customer requirements?
  • Value optimization: How to set up a stable and cost-effective operating model? How to optimize service, inventory, and total cost?
  • Business model innovation: How to use digitalization and data science for better and autonomous decisions? How to transform towards a more sustainable value chain?

Tailored to the particular situation of your company, we will use proven concepts and solutions to review your competitive position and value chain performance and define targeted actions to capture the value. We will effectively connect strategy with data-science and digital solutions and implementation skills, using an agile concept development approach.


Thomas Ebel
Thomas Ebel

Latest Thinking

You’d like to stay up-to-date on cutting-edge topics and best-practice concepts? We offer leading insights as an inspiration to rethink existing practices and create a better version of your value chain.

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Key services

Camelot_Strategy Strategic design

  • Adaptive value chain design
  • Supply network and asset strategy
  • Supply chain strategy and segmentation
  • Business impact simulation

Camelot_Transformation  Value optimization

  • Data-driven opportunity detection
  • Total cost transparency and optimization
  • Value chain maturity assessment
  • Financial supply chain visibility and profit optimization

Camelot_Improvement Business model innovation

  • Value chain blueprint of the future
  • Digital value chain transformation
  • Demand-Driven business model
  • Green value chain strategy

CAMELOT’s unique capability to connect strategy, data science & digital solutions, and implementation skills