How customer-centric is your value chain?

Companies who want to leave competition behind, have to truly understand their customers’ needs and serve them better than their competitors.

However, this is not simple: Product life cycles are getting shorter, while acquisitions expand the brand portfolios and raise the level of complexity. On the one hand sales channels are becoming more specialized, while on the other hand they are dominated by key account customers. The growing power of key account customers leads to increasingly tougher negotiations, and, in the end, to more complex trade terms and pricing systems.

Digital sales and customer service speeds up communication, but it also poses considerable challenges in terms of integrating individual information offerings and establishing a desired customer contact experience. In addition, customers themselves are becoming more demanding and less predictable.

These examples of recent developments make it clear that, as well as continuously adapting your sales and service strategy, it is also essential to align your own value chain with customer needs. Digital transformation will assist this process – in fact, it may even become a competitive advantage in its own right.

Our consulting services are aimed at meeting these challenges. Some of our focus topics:

  • Customer-centric supply chains & service configuration
  • Prospect-to-order management
  • Perfect order
  • Price & margin management
  • Improvement of customer data quality


José Iglesias
José Iglesias
Vice President