Improving performance of operations and value chain management processes

Excellent companies consistently focus on excellence in all operational processes. By establishing sustainable operational excellence programs they are able to release considerable potential with regard to cost structure and performance.

The aim is to embed a continuous improvement process in the corporate culture and the structures of the organization. CAMELOT’s operational excellence approach provides the methodological conditions for a holistic improvement of the organization and processes, and thus a systematic approach to sustainable increase the efficiency of our clients.

The consistent use of existing methods such as six sigma, and the establishment of operational excellence initiatives within the organization, right up to creating a culture of excellence, have proven to be successful ways of improving competitiveness.

CAMELOT’s expertise for operational excellence:

  • Defining and implementing integrated operational excellence and LEAN sigma programs
  • Defining and implementing LEAN SCM programs
  • Benchmarking and re-designing processes in accordance with best practices in the sector
  • Simplifying and automating processes (e.g. perfect order)
  • Developing and introducing consistent business process management
  • Implementing cost reduction programs
  • Improving effectiveness of plant and machinery (exploitation etc.)

CAMELOT supports you on your way to operational excellence by developing your organizational structure, improving your workforce’s capabilities and creating a consistently implemented process.



Jörg Schmid
Jörg Schmid