Optimizing and standardizing processes to consistently improve performance

Excellent companies set themselves apart by consistently focusing on excellence in their processes and managing improvements.

To achieve this, a company has to constantly analyze and improve the added value, cost structure and performance of its processes in terms of business process management and adjust them to meet requirements in the market, match competition and reflect the company’s business model.

In the field of business process management we provide you with proven methods as well as comprehensive best practices and solutions. In addition, the key factors for sustainably improving processes are to consistently label, standardize, measure and control the above concepts and use them as a basis for your organizational structure, including consistent process management.

We provide you with an individually tailored service portfolio that reflects your business process management requirements:

  • Benchmarking and re-designing processes in accordance with best practices in the sector
  • Dividing processes into their core requirements
  • Carrying out added value and cost analyses
  • Simplifying and automating processes (e.g. perfect order)
  • Developing and implementing business process management throughout the entire organizational structure (including process governance model, role and competence profile, CIP)
  • Assistance with harmonizing and standardizing processes
  • Designing and implementing a key figure-based performance management system
  • Selecting and implementing the necessary IT tools
    (collaboration with technology partners)



Christian Kroschl
Christian Kroschl