Data Quality Management

Key information assets need to be continuously treated like that. As such the importance of data quality management is crucial. Building a strong service portfolio enabling your business to achieve data excellence is our focus.

Service Components

  • Creation of DQM framework incl. related roles, responsibilities, reporting capabilities, business rules, KPI definition & tool selection
  • Data quality health check, data profiling, data cleansing & migration support
  • Value-driven data quality management concepts & reporting concepts
  • Data collaboration with external data providers e.g. Dun & Bradstreet to enrich, verify, provision relevant data


  • Discover actual data quality issues
  • Seek best-practice data quality methods and processes
  • Experience “real” value through DQM service portfolio
  • Accelerate rule set up based on Camelot DQ standards, business rule catalogs, etc.

CAMELOT’s data quality management approach empowers the quality of your information, ensuring increase in the efficiency and flexibility of your business processes.

Data Quality Impact