Data Protection & Ethics

In the wake of digital revolution and tremendously increasing amount of data, a new discipline has emerged Рdata ethics. Data ethics calls for organizations to find a sustainable approach to monetize data under the influence of stringent regulations. We will help you transform data from risk to asset and drive data ethics as a new competitive advantage in the age where policies and rules fail to stay ahead of technological developments. 

Service Components

  • Development of data security & data privacy framework
  • Ensure compliance with external regulations and industry standards such as GDPR, GS1 or IDMP
  • Embed data ethics and standards in innovative fields, such as artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain (BC)
  • Establishment of lean organizational structures, processes and capability development for aforementioned topics


  • Boost trust amongst customers and trading partners¬† and achieve right balance between data democratization and data privacy.
  • Build up company’s resilience to digital risk
  • Diminish the risk of sanctions imposed by external regulatory authorities
  • Ensure that data and technology are augmenting humanity in an ethical way

CAMELOT’S data ethics pillar helps clients integrate risk and compliance capabilities in a common approach across business units ensuring that right people get right information and can act according to the set objectives.

Data Protection