Data Innovation & Digital Transformation

Differentiate your business from competition with digital excellence spanning processes, technologies, organizational structure, leadership and culture, and operating model. We help our clients to accelerate their digital journey with our proven approaches for deploying cutting-edge technologies along the value chain, adapting digital native culture, and managing change along the transformation.

Service Components

  • Digital capability mapping to identify your digital roadmap
  • Identify and develop use cases to realize the value of latest technologies using customer centric methodologies like agile and design thinking
  • Prototype use cases through plug and play
  • Idea-to-Outcome process, ensuring monetization of innovations


  • Develop new business models, products & services faster with the help of digital technologies
  • Optimize your business processes with better decision making
  • Become early adopters of latest technologies
  • Streamline various digitalization initiatives of your organization into coordinated strategy

CAMELOT innovation and transformation services helps clients go from good to great. Through our sustainable innovation process create an enduring value from latest technologies at an early stage.