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Increased value and new potential

Permanently changing economic conditions force companies to constantly put their degree of vertical integration to the test. When outsourcing logistics tasks and functions is considered, primary focus is often on variabilizing fixed costs.

But does this really open up new potential? How high are the costs and risks? And who are best suited potential partners?

CAMELOT’s logistics experts help you determine whether and how logistics outsourcing makes sense in your specific business context. We define with you the value contribution and the best interface between the organizations. Thorough mapping of processes and costs ensures that the service catalog is complete for tendering, enabling a solid cost and service comparison.

CAMELOT offers the following services to help you make decisions and implement solutions:

  • Mapping processes and costs in the existing set-up and using the “Process Excellence Program” to define future logistics processes (strategy, transportation and warehouse)
  • Evaluating alternative logistics concepts (3PL, 4PL, LLP, control tower)
  • Executing RFPs and RFQs, including the selection of service providers, generating functional specifications, conducting cost simulations as well as compiling SWOT analyses for warehouse, transportation and logistics outsourcing
  • Evaluation of IT solutions to support your processes

Our logistics experts provide practical expertise from the LSP and loading industry as well as logistics sourcing know-how, which guarantees feasible concepts and solutions. Based on our best-practice experience from chemical logistics, pharma logistics as well as from the CPG and manufacturing industries, we support you in designing the right concepts as well as in implementing them.


Andreas Gmür

4PL LLP 3LP in Chemical Logistics

What is the current status quo of logistics outsourcing in the chemical industry regarding 4PL, LLP and 3PL?

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Case Study: Assessment transport management processes

Chemical customer desired to assess own transport management capabilities and to explore potentials of using 4PL or LLP services.

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