Digital Transformation – the future has already arrived

Digitalization is no longer an option. It is a necessity for companies that want to remain competitive. However, is not enough to simply “digitalize” processes or to transform IT systems – it is much more about radical rethinking, revolutionary ideas and pioneering new business models. But where should decision makers start? What questions do they have to ask themselves? And which aspects should they definitely take into consideration when transforming their company digitally?

With an integrated transformation model of “Digital Excellence”, CAMELOT offers companies guidance and direction in the cosmos of digital possibilities. The model is based on the three central value factors in digitalization:

  1. New business models, products and services
  2. Forming the customer approach as well as the customer experience from the first information searches to the purchasing process
  3. Increasing efficiency, agility and flexibility in the value chain

We project these three value factors as well as technologies and capabilities as design elements onto your company and create revolutionary solutions with you on the business model level as well as evolutionary improvements in company architecture.


Henrik Baumeier
Henrik Baumeier

Combined perspectives


The close cooperation with our affiliate Camelot ITLab puts us in a unique position, enabling us to connect business and technology perspectives with each other – an essential requirement for accompanying digital transformation projects.

CAMELOT was honored as Vanguard Leader for Digital Value Chain Management by ALM Intelligence, the globally leading analyst institution for the consulting market.