What does the optimal structure of an organization look like?

This is still one of the key issues for our clients. Whether as part of a growth strategy, an acquisition or the implementation of a betterment program: Change or adaptation of an organization’s structure is the outcome. A systematic organizational development opens up the opportunities inherent in such change processes, making them usable for an efficient and solution-oriented redesign of the organization.

The increasing frequency with which these far-reaching changes are launched often constitutes a burdensome challenge for organizations and calls for quick action and fast decision-making. Decisive aspects contributing to the success of an organizational development process are:

  • shaping new or altered roles for business units
  • defining the scope of responsibilities and authority
  • target setting
  • defining and expanding key capabilities

We are committed to the model of process-oriented organization when implementing our proven approaches for sustainable organizational development. An in-depth understanding of the business’ value chain is crucial. That is why our consultants in organizational development all have many years of expertise in business process reengineering.

Our organizational development expertise focuses on:

  • Designing a strategic organization model based on defined business models
  • Defining functional capabilities and scope of authority
  • Establishing job function profiles from the defined process model
  • Assessing changes in workloads and determining savings potential
  • Engineering core qualifications and capability models


Jorma Gall
Jorma Gall
Managing Partner