Enabling employees

Employees learning and internalizing new skill sets, knowledge and behavioral patterns is crucial for successfully implementing changes in an organization. This not only applies to professional expertise, but also to the acceptance and understanding of new responsibilities, interfaces to other departments, new modes of communication as well as rules of teamwork and cooperation.

CAMELOT supports you in developing and implementing sustainable human resource development concepts and in building up a learning organization.

Key elements of our comprehensive service portfolio in human resource development are:

  • Assessing training needs and determining the appropriate form of training
  • Creating skill profiles for future roles and duties
  • Developing a custom-made human resource development concept
  • Advising on and selecting training methods and tools
  • Creating professional training materials and manuals tailored to the target group
  • Conducting train-the-trainer workshops (e.g. technical know-how, presentation techniques, rhetoric)
  • Developing and implementing an approach for sustainability and learning within the company

For sustainable education and training we assist our clients setting up an e-university, conducting regular training workshops or providing follow-up coaching to enable lasting education and training opportunities.



Jorma Gall
Jorma Gall
Managing Partner