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On to bigger things

Your Journey at Camelot

To realize your full potential, you need to feel at home with us. And you need to be given a chance to continuously develop your personality and skills. We believe in a lasting and trusted partnership that will benefit us both.

And we have a lot to contribute:


Mani Motiee Tehrani
Head of HR Services

Structured onboarding program

Curiosity and a thirst for action with a little bit of nervousness mixed in. Starting a new job with a new employer is always exciting – regardless of whether you are a seasoned professional or a recent graduate. But you can rely on us to assist you in your first steps in your new role. Our onboarding academy is your first stop and it will tell you everything you need to know to find your way around CAMELOT. Your individual onboarding plan will be your guide for the first weeks. It takes a structured approach to familiarizing you with your new responsibilities and introducing you to the colleagues you will be working with. Your personal mentor will be happy to help you with the more personal aspects of the onboarding process.


Flexible career paths

As a young professional, you are eager to learn more and take it to the next level. As an established professional, your goal is to assume more responsibilities and maybe lead your own team or become a recognized expert in a particular field. Our flexible career model is designed to allow for continuous personal growth – regardless of whether you are pursuing a management career or want to stay on the technical side of things. You will get the chance to discuss your personal goals in our regular career development reviews. Development programs and training courses tailored to your specific needs will help you reach new horizons.


Careers made by CAMELOT

Once you have gotten to know the CAMELOT spirit, you will always remain a part of it. CAMELOT alumni often continue to have strong ties with CAMELOT even years later. Many of them used their consulting experience as a stepping stone and now hold responsible positions on the customer side. And others have eventually found their way back to CAMELOT. As a CAMELOT alumni, you become part of a powerful and valuable network, which we value highly and cultivate and from which you can benefit in many ways, both professionally and personally.

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