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Data Management Leaders, Barcelona, 6-7 Feb 2020

Data is the main ingredient for success today.  There can be both: a single version of truth and single source of error that can either enable opportunities or multiply inefficiencies or losses. This Data Leaders 2020 conference aims to gather passionate data professionals to discuss what is a sound data strategy and how can it […]


CAMELOT Supply Chain Management Forum, POSTPONED

The annual Supply Chain Management Forum by CAMELOT Management Consultants has become a valued highlight in SCM executives’ agendas. Register today to secure your seat. The participation is free of charge.


CAMELOT Data & Analytics Innovation Event, POSTPONED

We are looking forward to inviting you to our CAMELOT Data & Analytics Innovation Event on 18 March 2020 in Frankfurt.


CAMELOT Master Data Management Forum, POSTPONED

The upcoming CAMELOT Management Forum will focus on understanding impacts of disruptive innovations for next generation Master Data Management. Participation at the forum is free of charge!


Webinar: How to Improve Supply Chain Resilience

Join our free CAMELOT webinar on Supply Chain Resilience as an alternative to our annual SCM Forum. Register now!


MDM ThinkLab, Berlin, 23-24 Apr 2020

The MDM ThinkLab will take place from October 24-25, 2019 and is the gathering for discerning Master Data Managers and enthusiasts who wish to elevate Data to a strategic asset.


Webinar: CAMELOT Intelligent Data Services: Automated Data Extraction and Annotation with CADET, 30 Apr 2020

Originally this webinar was planned as a panel during the CAMELOT Data & Analytics Innovation Event in March 2020. Due to the current situation we are not able to hold the event in the planned manner. Nevertheless, we want to provide you with our insights and expert talks within our new webinar series about the […]


Webinar: How to Improve Supply Chain Resilience – Part II, 5 May 2020

Join our free CAMELOT webinar on Supply Chain Resilience using the power of data science for crisis response. Register now!


Webinar: CAMELOT Intelligent Data Services: Automations in data quality, 14 May 2020

High Data Quality is essential when running an efficient and successful business. Automation in this area leads to overall reduction of master data inconsistencies resulting in higher data quality and hence strengthened decision-making – especially in these uncertain times. In this webinar one of our data scientist experts will explain the applications of rule mining […]


Webinar: Lunch & Learn Session for Life Sciences Professionals

Join CAMELOT and SAP for an interactive ‘lunch and learn’ webinar and panel discussion and learn more about the newly emerging planning paradigm based on DDMRP. Register now!


Webinar: Challenges for the Next Gen Data Governance & Organization, 4 Jun 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) present companies not only with challenges in regards of processes and technology, but also on the organizational side: How to get access to skilled data scientists? Which new tasks will your employees face? Where to position the AI/ML competences within the organization? In this webinar we will explore […]


Webinar: AI in Information Management & Basics of AI in MDM, 20 Aug 2020

This webinar is intended for all Community New Joiners and those who would like to refresh their AI know-how. We will give you an overview of our approach to AI in Information Management, explain the main use case areas and walk you through some examples. Equipped with this knowledge, you will be able to participate […]


Webinar: Machine Learning in Business Language 2, 10 Sep 2020

This webinar is the continuation of the series on Machine Learning (ML) in Business Language – you can expect a short recap on Machine Learning as well as the new content. Machine learning is one of the core foundations of AI. It has been supporting business decisions for a while, becoming more popular over the […]


Webinar: Human in the Loop for Machine Learning, 24 Sept 2020

Human-in-a-loop is the approach used in the creation of machine learning models, particularly beneficial when the cost of errors is too high or while working with a limited amount of data. It leverages both human and machine intelligence – humans are directly involved in training and testing data for a specific algorithm. This allows for […]


Webinar: Automations in Data Quality, 8 Oct 2020

High data quality is essential for running an efficient and successful business. Automation in this area leads to an overall reduction of master data inconsistencies enhancing data quality, thus creating a solid basis for strengthened decision-making, creates a competitive advantage in these uncertain times. Join us on 8th October 2020 from 4.00 to 5.00 PM […]


Automated Data Extraction and Annotation with CADET, 22 Oct 2020

In this webinar, we will present our CAMELOT Data Extraction Service (CADET) and explain how it can help to automate data extraction and annotation based on SAP Data Intelligence. Time-consuming manual data entry is prone to human errors, which results in the poor quality of data. We show how CADET can be used to extract […]


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