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The Renaissance of Internal Cash Generation

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More liquidity through optimized receivables management

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how little prepared many companies are for unexpected, radical changes. Companies must learn to cope with unexpected, short-term, completely changed conditions in the future and to be able to react quickly. Sufficient liquidity is a key success factor here and forms the foundation for the development and realization of relevant options for action to secure the company’s existence in the long term.

As part of a study, CAMELOT investigated where the companies surveyed currently stand and which developments and solutions for improving receivables management are currently being discussed and implemented. The questions were aligned with the 6-P model developed by CAMELOT, which contains the six central operational and strategic elements of receivables management. The results of the study showed that many companies have already established existing processes and structures for receivables management in certain areas, but that there is still a lot of potential for improvement.

The study helps companies to reflect on themselves and prepare for existing and possible future crisis situations by providing concrete recommendations for action. We show you what the New Normal of receivables management looks like and explain which dimensions can be used to categorize receivables management in your company in order to implement or be able to implement short-, medium- and long-term improvements holistically. You will then receive a brief overview for the first steps of your transformation project.

The study is only available in German.

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