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Demand-Driven Radar 2019: Guide to the future

New CAMELOT study examines trends in supply chain management

Mannheim, 07/02/2019 Supply chain managers continue to view improvement of customer service levels with simultaneous cost optimization as the greatest challenge in supply chain management. However, they also know what the solution is: the majority of supply chain managers surveyed see Demand-Driven Transformation (71%) and Integrated Business Planning (65%) as the most important initiatives to increase supply chain efficiency. Most view change management as the key to implementing these solution concepts. These are the results of the current study “Demand-Driven Radar 2019” by consulting specialist CAMELOT Management Consultants.

“In view of an increasingly complex and volatile market environment, traditional ways of thinking and working in supply chain management are increasingly leading to dead ends. New Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management methods provide an effective way out of this impasse, which more and more companies are taking,” says Dr. Josef Packowski, Managing Partner at CAMELOT. Most of the companies surveyed, regardless of their size, are already integrating Demand-Driven concepts into their implementation roadmaps or plan to do so next year. Participants in the study expect “agile and flexible supply chains,” “shorter lead times,” and a “higher level of service.”

Implementation challenges

Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management is the management of supply chains according to actual customer demand rather than demand forecasts, as was traditionally the case. For companies, this means a paradigm shift that brings with it a number of challenges. It is noteworthy that change management in particular has become much more important compared to the previous year’s study (+11% compared to 2018). “Companies dealing with these new concepts understand that it’s not just a question of new processes or systems, but that a complete rethink is required of them,” says Christophe Hudelmaier, who headed the study. The study participants see “recognition by top management” and “adaptation of the current IT system landscape” as further central challenges.

For the study, experts and executives from the supply chain and top management of global corporations and medium-sized companies in various industries were interviewed. The study is available as a free download from www.camelot-mc.com.

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