The Global Community for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Supply Chain Management (SCM) is designed to foster systematic knowledge transfer and exchange with other companies, researchers and experts.

Community members are provided with continuously updated content, comprising interesting lectures, latest research information, innovative use cases, lessons learned and how-to guidance.

Furthermore, design thinking workshops will be conducted in Europe and the United States of America to ensure continuous inflow of new ideas. The workshops also offer the chance to share thoughts and ideas as well as challenges that will be discussed within the community. Benefit from this great opportunity to find partners for co-innovation joining forces in the endeavor to bring first AI & SCM light house uses cases to life.

Why join?

  • Global community for SCM thought leaders sharing a common AI vision
  • Latest thinking, discussions and exchange for Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management
  • Exclusive insights for community members as well as guest lectures from AI experts and AI pioneers
  • Experience AI through joined realization of selected use cases with latest AI technology
  • Regular updates about latest news and developments

Community News

The Global Community for Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management is in full swing. Don’t miss the first innovation cycle and register for the community as well as the upcoming workshop in Germany in spring 2019.


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