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Webinar: Manage Uncertainty – Assumption-Based Demand Planning with SAP IBP

June 20, 3 – 4 PM CEST

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Manage Uncertainty - Assumption-Based Demand Planning with SAP IBP

June 20, 3 - 4 PM CEST / US: 9 - 10 AM ET

One thing is for certain – uncertainty! Over the years, collaboration and synchronization of plans in the supply chain have become increasingly important to improve resilience and prepare plans to mitigate sudden impacts. But what is even more important in the long term is to understand the drivers of change and their impact on business. Act, instead of react!

In this free webinar, Zoltan Miklos Biro, Product Manager SAP Integrated Business Planning for S&OP at SAP Labs Hungary, and our Camelot experts Rich Wyse and Johanna Meyer will equip you with practical advice to implement assumption-based planning within your organization.


  • Gain insights how assumption-based planning helps you to determine the drivers and impact on your business

  • Explore how the approach can be used to create baseline and alternative scenarios to improve the resilience of your supply chain and to define shaping and hedging actions

  • Learn how SAP IBP’s driver-based planning functionalities can be used to implement assumption-based planning in a simple way

Who Should Attend?

Supply Chain and Demand Planning Professionals

Anyone who manages or is responsible for tactical and strategic demand planning and wants to improve the ability to forecast scenarios in the longer term

Building Supply Chain Resilience

If you are facing challenges to ensure resilience of the supply chain by only applying a one-number plan

SAP IBP Users and Implementers

Anyone who is managing an IBP implementation or running system and is wondering how driver-based planning can help achieving better results


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