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Co-Innovation to Maximize Supply Chain Execution Capacity by CAMELOT and Celonis

Launch of new Execution App for Supply Chain Planning

Mannheim, Munich, 10/28/2020 – CAMELOT Management Consultants, a globally leading consulting specialist for value chain management in the process, consumer goods and industrial manufacturing industries and Celonis, the leader in Execution Management Systems (EMS), today introduce the Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) Value Mining Execution Application. The new, jointly-developed application enables enterprises to maximize their execution capacity in supply chain management and reduce the effects of severe supply chain disruptions, such as the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The new Demand-Driven MRP Value Mining App creates lasting business value by providing simulation- and AI-enabled decision support to fine-tune supply chain optimization, therefore maximizing execution capacity. It is one of the first Execution Apps of the new Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) and was developed jointly in just eight weeks leveraging Celonis Studio, the rapid development environment where Celonis’ partners can co-create new apps for their customers or industry. The new app combines CAMELOT’s market-leading know-how in Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management with the technical capabilities of the Celonis EMS.

Available for immediate deployment from the Celonis EMS Store, the Demand-Driven MRP app enables enterprises to introduce step-change improvements to execution capacity, which is the level of performance achievable with available time and resources. The app guides supply chain planners to the relevant information and pushes automation of parametrization decisions with simulation- and AI-powered enterprise decision support.

Josef Packowski, Managing Partner of CAMELOT, comments: “The Demand-Driven MRP Value Mining app enables companies to achieve a new level of supply chain execution capacity. It is another milestone in making the Demand-Driven Supply Chain paradigm happen for our clients. Combining our profound Demand-Driven MRP know-how with the power of Celonis technology, the app helps companies to maximize improvements regarding services levels, lead times, and inventory.”

Hala Zeine, Chief Product Officer at Celonis, says: “Today’s highly volatile business conditions demand day-to-day responses that can range across COVID-19 supply chain disruption, climate change impacts and unpredictable customer demands. Businesses have to be able to continuously measure their execution capacity and eliminate execution gaps, such as the level of materials at hand to ensure continuous supplies for production. That’s why we are so excited to collaborate with our Platinum Sales Partner CAMELOT, with its deep expertise in the latest DDMRP techniques and deep Supply Chain expertise, to help enterprises close the execution gaps that have been holding back many companies from achieving full supply chain execution capacity.”

The Demand-Driven MRP Value Mining app is available immediately in the Celonis EMS Store.

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