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Co-innovation partnership for GreenMind² in e-commerce

CAMELOT launches innovation initiative for sustainable supply chains with Engelhorn, the University of Mannheim and the SAP Innovation Center Network

Mannheim, 10/14/2019: Innovation, social responsibility and digital pioneering spirit are the cornerstones of the joint initiative “GreenMind2 in E-Commerce”, which was announced today by the family-owned retailer Engelhorn, the SAP Innovation Center Network, the Chair of CSR at the University of Mannheim and CAMELOT Consulting Group. The aim of the initiative is to use digital innovation to create sustainable supply chains in (online) retailing and to support “green” consumer behavior. CAMELOT’s recently established “GreenMind2” competence center provides concepts and digital solutions.

“We are very happy that with the CAMELOT GreenMind2 competence center we can lead the way with sustainable innovations, especially here in the Rhine-Neckar region. This is because innovation from the “squares” has a long tradition. With Engelhorn, the SAP Innovation Center Network and the University of Mannheim, we have found the ideal co-innovation partners for sustainable e-commerce and “green” supply chain management,” said Dr. Josef Packowski, CEO of CAMELOT Consulting Group, commenting on the initiative. “Future-oriented innovation no longer takes place behind closed doors, but in strong partnerships.”

Engelhorn: Sustainability in e-commerce

The family business Engelhorn is a firm economic player in the Rhine-Neckar region. “For 130 years, we have been seeking to do sustainable business and think not of the next quarterly financial statement, but of the next generation,” said entrepreneur Simon Engelhorn. “Nature and ecology will be an extremely important element of our business model going forward. I look forward to creating sustainable long-term solutions with know-how carriers such as CAMELOT, SAP and the University of Mannheim.”

Technological basis of SAP

Management consultant Packowski was also able to gain the SAP Innovation Center Network for the innovation initiative. Engelhorn uses the software of the Walldorf-based company SAP as the basic platform, which will later provide the necessary supply chain data. Torsten Zube, head of the SAP Innovation Center Network, comments: “Here at the Innovation Center Network, we examine how new technologies can create added value. Sustainability is very important to us. I am therefore all the more pleased to be able to promote this joint initiative together with our partner CAMELOT, with whom we already have a great deal of experience in innovative projects, our customer Engelhorn and the University of Mannheim.”

UN sustainability goals

For Professor Dr. Laura Edinger-Schons, who holds the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility at the renowned University of Mannheim, the initiative is an example of the implementation of the UN sustainability goal of “partnerships”. According to Professor Schons, “Partnerships are an incredibly important means of achieving sustainability goals. Sustainable consumption is an extremely complex issue and it is precisely here that partnerships are needed that can effectively address the problem at different levels. I’m very excited about the project.”

GreenMind2 for sustainable value chains

CAMELOT’s GreenMind2 competence center provides concrete concepts and digital solutions for implementing a sustainable supply chain and promoting “green” consumer behavior. With new ideas and digital innovations, GreenMind2 aims to facilitate and accelerate sustainable decision-making and action on both the corporate and consumer side, thus making a positive contribution to the environment and society. The motivation for this stems from CAMELOT’s self-image as a company that takes its responsibility for society and future generations seriously. The new GreenMind2 competence center strengthens and bundles this commitment. For example, GreenMind2 offers solutions in the fields of artificial intelligence and data ethics, supply chain management and recycling, smart city and IoT as well as the reduction of carbon footprints in logistics.

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