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Chemical Industry Trend Survey CHEMonitor No.38

The focus of the current CHEMonitor Trend Barometer is “The crisis as an opportunity?” The chemical industry is facing a dramatic challenge with out-of-control feedstock markets and logistic resources on the one hand and weakening sales markets on the other. Risk management for resilient
value chains has become imperative.

Learn in this study what chemical industry leaders say about:

  • Which challenges do the chemical companies feel most affected by?
  • What are the companies focusing on in the next 12 months?
  • What are their sales and earnings expectations?
  • How do chemical managers rate site factors such as feedstock availability, market attractiveness and infrastructure and logistics?
  • In which areas do the companies want to build up and reduce resources?

The CHEMonitor is an opinion barometer and trend monitor for the German chemical industry. It regularly and systematically maps the assessment of site conditions and forecasts future investment and employment trends, and also takes up topics currently under discussion in the industry.

For the current 38th edition of the CHEMonitor, the panel was surveyed in the period February to March 2022.

The study will be provided in German only.

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