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Chemical Industry Trend Survey CHEMonitor no. 39

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The focus of the current CHEMonitor Trend Barometer is the topic “The importance of Africa for the German chemical industry”.

Learn in this study what chemical industry leaders say about the following topics:

  • How good is Germany as a business site?
  • What are the current economic expectations of the industry?
  • What is the significance of the African region for German chemical companies?
  • How is the development of the energy industry in Africa assessed?
  • What developments are expected for the chemical industry in Germany with regard to Africa?

The CHEMonitor is an opinion barometer and trend monitor for the German chemical industry. It regularly and systematically maps the assessment of site conditions, forecasts future investment and employment trends, and also takes up current hot topics in the industry.

For the current 39th edition of the CHEMonitor, the panel was surveyed in the period from September to October 2022.

The study will be provided in German only.

We wish you an exciting read!

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