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Supply Chain Diagnostics

A systematic approach to scan supply chains and to identify improvement opportunities in the end-to-end supply chain

Need for fast and in-depth supply chain diagnostics

Market and customer requirements are continually and rapidly changing. It is crucial for companies to continuously analyze their end-to-end (E2E) performance and stay ahead of the pack. Fierce competition demands a relentless quest for improvement and swift action to transform the supply chain into a competitive driver.

E2E supply chain assessments are often the starting point for significant transformation and implementation projects as they focus an organization’s attention on the gap between future ambition and the current reality of the supply chain. CAMELOT’s Supply Chain Diagnostics approach helps clients to identify measures that enable next-level supply chain management.

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How we help clients

Data-driven analysis

  • Evaluation of your supply chain capabilities in a holistic data-driven assessment
  • Data-driven insights based on proprietary accelerators and tools to generate high return on investment

Process maturity assessment

  • Quick insights into industry best practices and how your company compares
  • Identification of key improvement areas and prerequisites including quick-wins


  • Direct insights into your supply chain performance and comparison with others
  • Benchmarks and related practices and procedures as an excellent starting point for what-if considerations and business case evaluations

Roadmap development

  • Gap identification and creation of roadmaps to make your supply chain a competitive advantage
  • Real-world experience from numerous transformation projects to guide realistic plans, duration, and ambition levels

Qualitative assessment

  • Generation of key supply chain insights from understanding current trends and issues based on qualitative analysis
  • Enrichment of quantitative analysis with qualitative insights
Markus Kuhl, Head of Value Chain Strategy and Performance, CAMELOT Management Consultants
Supply chains are becoming more and more complex and volatile. They require flexible and state-of-the-art diagnostics to identify key improvement opportunities and to derive actions turning your supply chain into a competitive advantage.

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CAMELOT is an expert in supply chain diagnostics, proven by a strong track record of successful projects, enabled by a deep understanding of industry trends and our innovative edge.

Leading SCM expertise

Supply chain management is our passion and one of our core capabilities since the foundation of CAMELOT. Clients and analysts alike keep acclaiming the excellent quality and innovative nature of our conceptual thinking as well as our ability to execute.

End-to-end capabilities

CAMELOT’s supply chain diagnostics teams comprise various backgrounds to address challenges on different levels and stages along the E2E supply chain. We leverage a pool of experts, including IT specialists, to deep-dive in dedicated topics if indicated by our assessment.

Next-generation SCM

We combine strategic supply chain consulting, IT capabilities, and supply chain innovation to balance vision and actionable next steps on your supply chain journey. CAMELOT is a thought leader in emerging supply chain areas like Demand-Driven and Self-Driving Supply Chains.


Markus Kuhl

Head of Value Chain Strategy & Performance

Following the vision of perfectly aligned digital value chains, Markus’ mission is to transform clients’ value chains from a cost driver into a real competitive advantage

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